MEET TERRI MAYS│Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer│EFT Practitioner│ Hypnotherapist│Radical Forgiveness Life Coach│ Certified Massage Therapist│ CEO-Mind Gate Productions

Terri is an intuitive leader, trainer, speaker, and coach. She is a Canfield Success Principles Trainer that loves to combine her Radical Forgiveness Coaching and unique EFT Tapping with Success Principles to create a powerful positive and transformative experience in clients personal and professional life. She has been in the healing arts as an intuitive for over 30 years knowing when and how to inspire her audience to maximize results. Founder of the Hope N Up Foundation, she focuses on helping women realize their full potential and self-acceptance. Terri teaches how to use The Success Principles while Raising Your Emotional Tone™, allowing you to master your limiting beliefs and move into your freedom and success where all your possibilities await.
She works with individuals and organizations unlocking potential and maximizing performances with emphasis on women’s empowerment, self-esteem and personal growth and development. Terri loves to puts the joy back into personal and professional development with humor and active learning. Telling all “Hope’s as low as I go™ Just get to Hope, that’s where all the good feeling stuff is waiting for you”.
Her teaching style is warm, fun and experiential as she helps her audience discover their emotional triggers holding them back from their successes and enjoying the life they deserve. She believes in providing tools to help empower her clients to create overall well-being and increased life energy. Terri combines humor and metaphors and her love for metaphysics to create new paths for healing and achieve the results they desire.
Terri and her husband Dr. Mitchell Mays have run a successful Mind Body holistic clinic incorporating cutting edge mind-body techniques for over 22 years. She knows first-hand how to implement The Jack Canfield Success Principles in your business to see your success you envision for your company realized. Terri is a mother of three grown children and lives with Mitchell in the beautiful wine country of Lodi California. When she is not traveling or training, she enjoys hiking, kayaking and meeting new inspiring friends.