• Meet Dr. Mays

Meet Dr. Mays | Author, Speaker, Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Chiropractor

Dr. Mays is the author of #1 International best-selling MIND GATE Demolish Fear, Overcome Anxiety and Create the Life You Want. He has been a licensed health care provider since 1978 earning his doctorate in Chiropractic health Sciences. He is also a Certified Master Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist. He has employed guided imagery and N.L.P. techniques for pain management since 1987 and as a hypnotherapist and chiropractor has unique insights into the mind-body model of health and healing.
His warm and caring manner is reflected in his unique way of working with his patients/clients to help them overcome and manage fears, phobias, anxiety and chronic pain syndromes. He creates and records self-hypnosis and guided imagery cd for his clients. His main focus is to help his patients create wellness in all areas of their lives utilizing the MIND GATE process he has written about. By “re-learning” a few simple and intuitive mind/body skills his clients achieve self-mastery and empowerment.
Experience: In addition to practicing chiropractic since 1978, as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist and an author — in the mid 1980’s Dr. Mays participated in and taught “transformational” training for his own self-empowerment as well as his patients. His trainings in those days were based on his work as a chiropractor with a focus on mind/body healing techniques. He enjoys speaking to groups about his MIND GATE Processes, Canfield Success Principles and he stresses the importance of knowing intimately your own motivations and stress triggers. 

Dr. Mays’ Experience with Cancer

In 1980, less than three years after starting my practice and just as I was beginning to be able to keep up with the bills from my new clinic, I was diagnosed with a type of bone cancer called OSTEOSARCOMA. Now THIS TYPE of cancer doesn’t respond to radiation or chemotherapy and carries with it… a very grim prognosis of… less than 2% survival past one year. After hearing this diagnosis… my knees went weak, my pulse rate shot up through the roof and my state of mind quickly plummeted down into the emotional tone of FEAR… and then my body followed as I went into the fight or flight mode.

How this works is, when faced with perceived danger, the sympathetic nervous system gets our body ready to run away or fight. If there is no one to fight and nowhere to run we will mentally “escape” into a form of simulated sleep called hypnosis or trance — which is another survival mechanism that keeps us from going into shock. Needless to say, I went for a second and even a third and fourth opinion until nearly a year later I found a specialist who said it was not an OSTEOSARCOMA but an OSTEOCHONDROMA and even though it was quite large and was borderline malignant I was… elated and jumped for joy… and my state of mind improved greatly as I felt hopeful for the first time in a year. On the day after Christmas, in 1981, I had surgery to remove the tumor whose constant dull ache and frequent sharp stabbing pains had been a part of my life for over a year. In that year, as hard as I tried not to… I felt myself go in and out of the fight/flight response when my FEAR would raise its ugly head every time I thought about the cancer… or felt the stabbing pain in my pelvis… The “Common Condition” I describe in my book is the common thread I noticed in nearly all my patients over the years. It is the state of “waking hypnosis” or “trance” and it robs us of our happiness… and our health. You don’t have to have a cancer diagnosis to experience this state… in fact, you and nearly everyone you know experiences it all the time.

Let me ask you a question… HAVE YOU EVER BEEN HYPNOTIZED?

Well, I would suggest that you have… many, many, many times.

For example; Have you ever been driving your car… down a familiar road — when all of a sudden it dawns on you — you have missed your turn-off because — your mind was on something else? Or, have you ever walked into another room — in your own home — only to stand there wondering — “now, what did I come in here for?” Maybe you’ve been in a movie theater — watching a movie and — found yourself crying or… feeling fearful and scared — even though you knew it was just a movie — and not really happening? Or maybe you’ve “frozen up” when taking a test or exam… and even though you may have known the tested material… and even had it down cold… you somehow were — unable to answer the questions correctly.

All of these are examples of being in the state of waking hypnosis, also known as tranced or mind wandering… Having my cancer experience gave me a lot of gifts, not the least of which was — not to hold on too tight to ideas, dogmas or things. It was what eventually became the catalyst… that began my quest… to find a deeper meaning to my existence…

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